Monday, August 19, 2013

Icona Pop Concert

I went to see Icona Pop at the Masquerade in Atlanta!

I had a blast! It's kind of rare for me to be out and about at night, so this was a treat!

When I walked into the ''Heaven'' area, the room was visibly filled with smoke. To the left of the door, I saw these booths with women getting their hair flat-ironed. My sister and I joked about getting our natural hair straightened right then and there. It was really hard getting clear shots of them on my digital camera.

The opening act was K.Flay, a rapper/singer. It was pretty interesting, but I wasn't a huge fan. The crowd was hyped up regardless! When Icona Pop was getting ready to come on stage, everyone moves in a little bit too close next to you. It also didn't help that it was hott as HELL in there. It didn't stop me from jumping all over the place.

Aino strummin'
I got to wear a dress I bought from Nasty Gal a month ago, it was during their massive sale. It looks like actual denim but it's a bodycon dress. I fluffed out my old twist-out, and I was ready to go!

dress: nasty gal/// boots:asos/// bag: vintage

 So if you never heard Icona Pop's hit ''I Love It'', I suggest you give it a listen. My two favorite songs are ''Manners'' + ''Good For You''.  

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