Sunday, June 2, 2013

Best Coast Concert

So last night I went to concert. It was kind of impulsive, but I knew about it for a week.
I was already out shoping with my family deciding between, spending it up at Victoria's Secret (ohh yes, the semi annual sale) or going out.

I never been to a concert alone. That was my sole reason for being a bit hesitant about going, plus I was clueless about the venue. I did feel a bit awkward before the show being solo, but I got a spot right in front of the stage.

So the first act was Lovely Bad Things. They got the crowd going, that's when I took a elbow to the back. Ohh and a little splash of beer down my back as well. Very nice. It was cool seeing the band be very well rounded in instrumentals. They would switch places between being the vocalist, drummer, or bassist.

During the set up, I quickly got my beer and the cool people next to me saved my spot.

Then Guards came on stage. I enjoyed them as well. It was funny seeing the lead singer engage with the audience. Can I just say how fashionable they looked on stage?

Sadly, the non-blurry only pic I took of them.

Then Best Coast came out.

 I felt so bad for the girls next to me, the audience was heavily pushy from the mosh fest. They had to leave halfway through the set, then these drunk shelias tried to convince me to dance on stage. Hah. Funny enough she did get on stage twice! 

So yeah Best Coast, fricken amazing! I was happy to hear all my favorite songs and new ones that they decided to play. 'Our Deal' is my all time favorite, it has been in my head for weeks, but they finished with 'Boyfriend' and I can't seem to get that one out, as of yet. Bethany sounds amazing and she was really nice to let this kid come up on stage to dance with her. I got to touch Bobb's guitar while he was playing.That was a first, this lucky girl next to me got his guitar pick. I was little jealous on the inside. But I did get a set-list at the end of the show, people were really scrambling for them. It's in my purse now.


After they finished it got a bit awkward again being by myself. I was just standing around trying to kill some time, before my ride got there. The Guards and Pretty Little Things were in the lobby selling merchandise and chatting with fans. I wanted to say hi, but I'm so shy about those kind of things. Or am I??

matching glasses :p

Well Bobb came out. There were these girls in the lobby that I helped take their pictures. So I suggested we can take pictures of each other with him, if he agrees to it. He is super cool and nice. I actually had an actual conversation with him, so that was the highlight of the night for me.


  1. I wish that I was there to see the concert.. I never heard of the bands before but boy don't I love concerts! LOL HELLO :)
    It appeared that your night was freaking awesome and thats what life is for... living!

  2. You should listen to them :) They are great x