Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peep Marshmallows

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I made Peep Marshmallows for my etsy shop. I love Peeps. I use to buy them all the time around Easter when I was growing up. Who knew I could make some so much better?!!

Nom nom
They are so fricken cute. When I coated each one in sugar, I was blown away at how adorable they really are. I used my traditional vanilla marshmallow recipe and different colors of sugar, they all taste the same but my hand goes out to reach for pink and yellow first! My favorite touch are the little chocolate eyes, especially biting into one and straight away tasting it.

I'm already really excited for Easter and Spring! There are so many flavors I need to make. I'm going to a farmer's market over the weekend, so I'll be stocking up on new ingredients.

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  1. one word YUM!!!! would it be possible for you to do a post with a recipe and instructions for this? I would absolutely appreciate it! x