Thursday, August 23, 2012

Outing at the Ekka

So I tweeted I had such a good time at the Ekka, and I really did!

The Ekka is pretty much like a state's fair or a carnival. We went on Saturday, the final day, in the evening. It was definitely a last minute decision to go since it was late in the afternoon, but we ended up getting a better deal if we went after 5:00 pm!

I got to pet this dairy cow. It's really weird that I never have touched a cow before but that day I did.  There were so many animals that you could pet in the center of the facility. We decided against going in the petting zoo part because it was so busy, but now I wish I did.

It's so cute seeing baby lambs playing around. They kept running in circles trying to jump on each other. I really could of watched them play for hours and have a permant smile on my face.

The rides/attractions were pretty pricey, I couldn't imagine the cost of having an entire family there.

So we did a mirror maze! It was really silly. It wasn't what I expected either, I thought there were going to be mirrors everywhere, but sadly not. There were like five mirrors in the center of the maze. I might tweet pictures of how skinny my legs looked in the mirror and how much of a hobbit the next one had me looking. Oh and I got an awesome sticker, that certified me as a Maze Master.

Then we got on a Ferris wheel, it's been so long since I have been on one. Of course my beau had to remind me of Final Destination type movies.

Oh there were fireworks too. It was a really good show, and I wasn't expecting it to be as good. It was long and very well choreographed to the music played.
And.....The part I was anticipating the most was getting Showbags! They are sitting in the closet, which is good that they're not within arm's reach. We did go a little bit overboard! Maybe a lot! Then the tub of cotton candy. Gee whiz. Let's hope we can make it to October with candy to spare.
Right after we got home, we put all the candy on the floor and sorted them out. It really felt like Halloween excitement. I got an American Showbag, with Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer, my favorite soft drinks. I miss them so, also I forgot how good Reese's Pieces are.


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  4. I have always wanted to try Reese's Pieces, wonder if there's anywhere i could get them from in England?!
    That is an amazing haul of sweets, i'm jealous. Those lambs are Soooooooo cute! xx

    1. OMG! I love your blog!! Thanks so much for commenting, it means a lot :)