Monday, July 9, 2012

Glass House Mountains

 My beau & I went to the Glass House Mountains which are located in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The peaks are cores of volcanoes that have since been eroded away by weather. Aboriginal people use to hold special ceremonies and meeting there, and is still considered a spiritual place.

The walking trails are a little distance past the Australian Zoo. Unfortunately, we had fast food during the drive up so my stomach was not happy when we arrived at the trail entrance. There was no way I was up for a long vigorous walk for hours, so we opted for a  shorter lookout trail.

I don't have any closed shoes here in Australia like sneakers, I just have flats and a pair of loafers. Hah how ever do I cope. Smiley The trail was filled with deep muddy puddles, so the hardest part was trying to maneuver around them to keep my feet somewhat dry.

The view was well worth it. I felt that I was looking at a painting, the trees looked so drawn and perfect. It was really hard to soak in all of the beauty, especially when the clouds were coming over the mountains.


  1. Just had a read of some of your blogs, glad you visited Glass House Mountains. I have recently started a website ( )about the area, it was probably about the same time as your visit. If you get time have a quick look, I'd love to hear your opinion.

    1. I really enjoyed Glass House Mountains, I'm pretty sure I will go back before I leave the country. So your site will be most useful :)