Sunday, May 27, 2012

Byron Bay, NSW

Eastern-most point in Australia

We took an unexpected day trip to Byron Bay. I didn't think we would do anything this week, due to my boyfriend having two assignments due at the end of the week. So it was a great surprise to finally get out of the house and go somewhere different.The drive was really fun, but driving south is always really scenic with gorgeous views of the mountainside.

I really love this tunnel!!

 It would be hard to describe Byron Bay without mentioning home, because it really reminded me of East Atlanta. Byron Bay is known for alternative culture and laid-back lifestyles. There are wellness shops offering acupuncture, tarot readings, and herbs.

I bought peppermint oil for my hair mix. If you guys didn't know I am kind of a mixtress at home when it comes to my hair. I make hair masks and hair oils, which are really conditioning and leave my hair feeling extremely soft.

Finding a restaurant to eat was the hard part but there were many places to eat for quick bites, like fish tacos for $4.00 and sandwiches/kebabs. We ended up eating at Wahoo's, a Mexican style restaurant. I ordered just a chicken soft taco. I wish I could say I fell in love with the dish but I was not impressed. I have been craving authentic Mexican food for months, I know I'm a long way from there but at least something close to it like fresh salsa, warm tortilla chips, and Mexican cheeses.

We briefly visited the lighthouse there. I have always seen it during night drives, so it was great to actually see it up close. The view from there was incredible and the sun was starting to set, making it a romantic spot for lovers. I can't wait to come back and see what else this hip town offers.

amazing sunset :)


  1. Nice travel post. Seems like a fun place to visit.

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