Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My beau and I adopted a kitten on Sunday. I have been searching online independently for cat for weeks, but it was pretty hopeless. I would inquire about an available kitten to find out that they just gave it away, well that happened numerous times. So we just drove to our local animal shelter, looked around and played with soo many kittens! It was really hard to choose which cat to pick. We ended up picking the kitten that stayed asleep even though his cage banged really hard; which is a good sign that he can sleep through anything! Plus he is so darn cute!

This is Wheatley! I know interesting name but we got it from Portal 2, I just finished that game last week.

caught him drinking from our goldie water bowl
He is 8 weeks old ginger tabby, still just a tiny little thing!

He is really stubborn, he does not understand the word 'No' yet. I'm always getting clawed by his nails when he jumps on my lap, or takes a bite on our hands. But on the light side he is luckily litter-trained. He enjoys playing with his toys and sleeping on the computer chair. I love when he falls asleep on my lap, its sooo cute!

aww trying to kiss teddy

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