Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vanilla Chiffon Genoise Cake

Orange & Purple polka dots
I just found my USB stick yesterday, it was tucked away deep in a pocket in my luggage. Finally I can share the cake I made way back in October for my sibling's birthday party.

Remember the post I did on the Marshmallow Fondant Fail, well this is that cake. I scrapped the fondant and smoothed out the surface by adding more icing.

I am pretty proud that I accomplished such a big task in so little time, I had just a weekend to get it ready for the party. I was working way into the morning and even hours up to the party.

Strawberry Filling b/t layers
 So about the cake components: vanilla chiffon genoise cake, basic buttercream, and strawberry filling. I loved all the components of the cake besides the filling. The filling tasted wonderful, but it was not what I was going for. It was perfect alone but it did not suit the cake. I wanted more of a glaze type of filling, but that is the perfectionist in me.

My mum made the cakeboard.
I had leftover marshmallow fondant, so i used my biscuit cutters to make little circles. Also, I rolled some fondant in little balls for the side of the cake.