Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My beau and I adopted a kitten on Sunday. I have been searching online independently for cat for weeks, but it was pretty hopeless. I would inquire about an available kitten to find out that they just gave it away, well that happened numerous times. So we just drove to our local animal shelter, looked around and played with soo many kittens! It was really hard to choose which cat to pick. We ended up picking the kitten that stayed asleep even though his cage banged really hard; which is a good sign that he can sleep through anything! Plus he is so darn cute!

This is Wheatley! I know interesting name but we got it from Portal 2, I just finished that game last week.

caught him drinking from our goldie water bowl
He is 8 weeks old ginger tabby, still just a tiny little thing!

He is really stubborn, he does not understand the word 'No' yet. I'm always getting clawed by his nails when he jumps on my lap, or takes a bite on our hands. But on the light side he is luckily litter-trained. He enjoys playing with his toys and sleeping on the computer chair. I love when he falls asleep on my lap, its sooo cute!

aww trying to kiss teddy

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vanilla Chiffon Genoise Cake

Orange & Purple polka dots
I just found my USB stick yesterday, it was tucked away deep in a pocket in my luggage. Finally I can share the cake I made way back in October for my sibling's birthday party.

Remember the post I did on the Marshmallow Fondant Fail, well this is that cake. I scrapped the fondant and smoothed out the surface by adding more icing.

I am pretty proud that I accomplished such a big task in so little time, I had just a weekend to get it ready for the party. I was working way into the morning and even hours up to the party.

Strawberry Filling b/t layers
 So about the cake components: vanilla chiffon genoise cake, basic buttercream, and strawberry filling. I loved all the components of the cake besides the filling. The filling tasted wonderful, but it was not what I was going for. It was perfect alone but it did not suit the cake. I wanted more of a glaze type of filling, but that is the perfectionist in me.

My mum made the cakeboard.
I had leftover marshmallow fondant, so i used my biscuit cutters to make little circles. Also, I rolled some fondant in little balls for the side of the cake.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Macadamia Castle

I was really looking forward to going to The Macadamia Castle, after frequently passing by on mini day trips to Ballina, NSW. So naturally I wanted to check it out after finding an amazing recipe for macadamia cookies, I had this recipe saved on my bookmarks for months now! Perfect opportunity to get nuts! The cookies were unbelievable but I have to make another batch and take better pictures!

Inside there is a lovely gift shop with little knick knacks and they have warm flavored nuts you can purchase by the gram; our favorites were coconut and honey roasted macadamia nuts. I also bought a pack of chopped nuts for my cookies and banana butter for crumpets and toast. That was the best part.

The worst part was walking around the small park and realizing that the Macadamia Castle did not have any Macadamia Trees or a grove where you can just walk through. I didn't see one tree! I know for sure after reading the terrible google reviews, that's it's a tourist trap. They purchase their nuts from some other place. I just thought it was very misleading to be called Macadamia Castle and they don't grow their own macadamia nuts.

They have an unimpressive mini golf course, the website says that there are 18 holes, which there very well could be, but we didn't check it out because it looked very outdated and overrun. So we walked to the reptile exhibit, which was fine. It was cool seeing the venomous Australian snakes. There were baby chicks in a little hut, which you could touch and pick up. They were soo cute and fluffy. There were also two lamas, although they looked like they were ready to spit at my beau. Most of the exhibits were closed, and the animals were missing. I know places were they will pretend there is an animal or reptile on display, but there's nothing in there. Well that is what it felt like to me. I do not recommend it, because the tickets were 16.99/adult and 11.99/children. So there you have it, the only saving grace are the flavored nuts.