Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mango Smoothie

After two weeks of raining straight, it has ended. Hooray! This summer has been a wet one.
Well I was ranting about work before, but my schedule has dramatically decreased. I'm casual, super part-time. I felt like I got dumped, and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't need me anymore. I know I need to be on the prowl for something else quick, but I'm enjoying this break so much.
Well actually not that much, I felt ill last week. Terrible! Terrible, tummy pains.They just come and go now. So, I'm definitely going to take more regard in what I consume.

This is an easy quick simple recipe. I had an mango lying around on the counter and felt in the mood for a smoothie, without getting charged a ridiculous price. I really enjoyed this smoothie, the flavor was great. I added a bit more honey to make it sweeter for my taste buds.  Usually my smoothies are a tad bit runny but I was happy about this consistency, smooth and frothy.

sorry about the clutter :p
Mango Smoothie
Yield: 2

1 mango, ripe
0.75 c (85g) plain low fat yougurt
200 ml reduced fat milk
1 tsp honey

Peel mango skin. Chop mango up in cubes. Place in your blender.
Pour in yogurt, milk, and honey. Blend until it is mixed and appears frothy.

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