Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chocolate Panna Cota

I made Chocolate Panna Cotta for Valentine's Day with my beau's assistance. I won't lie I was kind bummed about how lackluster my Valentine's Day was. I enjoyed a roast takeout dinner with my beau's family and an ice-cream bar as dessert, which I didn't end of eating because I made Panna Cotta. I guess at least we were able to be together, because last year I didn't have a valentine being snowed in my lonely Rhode Island apartment.

I just wanted a box of darn conversation hearts, I'll have to wait till next year to get my own.

I got this recipe on Pinterest after scanning through scrumptious pictures of Panna Cotta. I recently just tried Panna Cotta for the first time at work, and I was floored on how amazingly creamy it tasted, almost like vanilla ice-cream. I knew I had to give chocolate a try.

Well this Panna Cotta literally saved my day. The texture is so smooth and creamy, my spoon just glided in with ease. The chocolate flavor is so rich and decadent, I almost thought I wouldn't be able to finish it.... (As If). I will definitely make it again, my beau loved it! He scarfed his down so fast. I was originally going to unmold them from the ramekins, but I just thought it looked so cute, as is.

Chocolate Panna Cotta
 Y= 4 ramekins (recipe via Manu's Menu)

300 ml Heavy Cream
100 ml Milk
100 grams Chocolate
80 grams Sugar
2 tsp powder Gelatin (3 sheets)
0.25 tsp Vanilla Extract

1. Bloom gelatin in a bowl of cold water for 10 minutes or soft.
2. Place the cream, milk, and sugar in a pot. Let mixture cook at medium temperature until it comes to a boil, remove from heat.
3. Add chocolate and vanilla, mix well with a whisk until the chocolate melts.
4. Add gelatin to the hot mixture. Mix well.
5. Strain. Pour straight into ramekins.

*Spray ramekins with cooking spray prior if you planning on unmolding them.