Monday, September 5, 2011

Pecan Praline Cake

I been such a slacker last week! Too tired to get out of bed and too hot to imagine baking in this heat. I did have plans to get started on my Fall Marshmallow Menu. I thought of some traditional autumn flavors and some wild card marshmallows.

I also have random upsetting news! I can't eat Turkey Bacon anymore! Ahhh. No more crispy salty bacon with my morning breakfast. It's the companion to my banana pancakes, the best mate to creamy grits and scrambled eggs. Just thinking about that makes me bummed, but the awful experience I had eating it is enough to make me not miss it EVER.

image: wikipedia

Well I made a Pecan Praline Cake.

 I had some major oops making this cake. It was a battle to keep going when all I wanted was for it to magically come together while I watch Bravo. Anyone else missing Trace from Flipping Out? Sigh.

image: House Beautiful
Anyway back to my cake, the ''pecan praline garnish'' if i can even call it that didn't work. It started to boil dry, and just became pecans in dry crumbly sugar.  I tried it again. I was nervous about wasting more sugar that it didn't get the lovely brown shade I was looking for.

sugar cube pecans :(
 The caramel cream cheese  was melting on top of the cake. I did incredibly silly things because of time. I accidentally used really soft melty butter and the caramel was not as cool as it should of been before i incorporated it with the cream cheese. I know tisk, tisk.

ohhh, look at these layers

Interested in the recipe for Pecan Praline Cake? Checkout Whisk Kid.

Besides my oops I really enjoyed this cake. It was sweet and really tasty. The brown sugar fudge frosting was great, definitely the best component of the cake!  

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