Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lemon Meringue Mallows

I finally made the lemon meringue pie marshmallows!!

Lemon and citrus sweets are my favorite, so I feel in love with the flavors already. I'm still surprised as to how much it actually tastes like actual pie.

So, please check out my new listing here. It's safe to say, I will be staying indoors all day. It was so hott outside yesterday a whopping 99F and not a single breeze coming in. I ran to the market to get baking supplies and fresh Georgia peaches. Yes, get ready for sweet peach marshmallows soon.

Ohh, great I hear thunder outside now. My least favorite thing about summer are the thunderstorms. I get so scared from the lighting strikes. I usually cover the sheets over my head and duck. I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous!

And it is.

The good thing is that I'm slowly getting out of my fear, because of my beau. But the bad thing is that it reversed for him somehow; he gets a little antsy now, with good reason. He has been electrocuted by a lamp bulb before. I'm totally smiling as I right this (I know awful), because he constantly get teased about it.

Now I'm off to take pictures, hope the sun comes back out.


  1. Those lemon mellows sound yummy!
    Can't wait to hear about the peach mellows.

  2. Thanks Kelly. I'll probably make them tomorrow.