Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lemon Curd Cake

Last Thursday was my dad's birthday so naturally I wanted to try to make him a birthday cake. keyword: Try.Cakes and I don't get along very well for many reasons really. I get so bummed about visible crumbs in the final coat, the icing smoothness, and leveling. But, I still fail hard most of the time. I can admit, I am not a decorator, I just make things taste good.

Well my mom suggested I make two cakes since other family members were coming over. And I did bake the cakes the day prior. Well DUN DUN DUN, the stove broke. I hurried along to my grandparent's apartment to make the frostings. I froze one cake to finish another time; it was crunch time! 1 cake is hard enough, 2 would drive me off the edge.

I love lemon anything, cheesecake, cupcake, loafs. At my internship, I would save a mini lemon tart just for myself; I think I definitely deserved it after decorating and filling 200 everyday!

So I made a Lemon Curd Cake....

This lemon curd is so sweet and delish! The cake reminded me of a pound cake, because it was dense but still moist. The 7 minute frosting is quick and easy to make. I still had some sugar granules in the frosting which was okay at that time, since I had to make it twice. Ohh silly faulty thermometer :(

Interested in the recipe for Lemon Curd Cake? Checkout Smitten Kitchen.

Overall, I would definitely make this cake again. Everyone loved it, I barely could eat two slices myself because there was nothing left.

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